Leicester is Happening

Over three weekends in June (15th – 30th), it’s time to come back to the sixties. Experience vintage fairs, live sixties music and events, vinyl records, street food, family fun and more scooters than the set of Quadrophenia. Join the in-crowd for a Summer of Love at REVIVE Festival, Leicester with the Godfathers of cool.

REVIVE Festival brings the past to life. The project is a celebration of sub-cultures – bringing the sights and sounds of bygone eras to the streets of Leicester. In 2019, our focus is on the Mod movement and the 1960s. In the years to come, we’re planning on exploring different counter-cultures in order to preserve the rich, cultural heritage of the UK and the global communities that are linked to our towns.

This year’s festival has snowballed with huge local interest, resulting in many cultural organisations and businesses coming together to create REVIVE. The exhibition, film and associated REVIVE events have gained national press interest – it’s been listed as a ‘2019 must see’ by ArtFund magazine.

Fashion, Films, Food, Family Fun

REVIVE is an ambitious new Leicester festival that has captured the imagination of cultural leaders and venues across the city.

Leicester’s most prominent venues including DeMontfort Hall, New Walk Museum, LCB Depot, The Haymarket, Curve, Phoenix, Highcross and a host of bars, pubs, clubs and cafes are coming together to experience the sights and sounds of the most enduring and vibrant decade – the swinging sixties.

Take a look at the calendar of events below – there’s something for everyone. Please check back as more events will be added.

If you were part of a sub-culture or movement, we want to hear from you. We believe that events like REVIVE only work when they’re paired with thriving, vibrant, passionate communities. If you think your style, attitude, music and imagery could be at the centre of a future REVIVE festival, send an email to hello@shapingageneration.co.uk

If you’d like to get involved with this year’s REVIVE contact festival organiser Chris Wigmore on chris@soft-touch.org.uk.